Yore Veils

by Adaje



Recorded at Secret Team Headquarters in February 2012.


released July 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Slithering Snakes on These Slandering Mountains
look at all these people that have come and gone like the common cold. all the while grabbing up pieces of a past whim that take root in my head as anything but. if i could choose one reason or excuse as to why the fallouts never hit the ground, i would say i never knew you in the first place. a self righteous agenda with a mix of a lost cause will leave you puking out every last bit of yourself. the world will always get the last laugh as you become the next piece of grass to be shit on by the next pig. the world will proudly keep on spinning to its own beat. in this sick process of enriching the earth with your own carcass, you will find your heart has nothing to offer except the pleading of a last beat that will reverberate to the surface. "i just want to fall into place."
Track Name: An Avalanche of Broncos
and i hope even when it's hopeless.
i dream even though i can't relive them once. but i love and i thank our absent god that you love me back. and so it goes i don't know which legacy to leave behind. to build up a bond with another being, or keep building upon the soul i have forged intertwined with every decision that is made. torturing everything fleeting to broken homes that pose as havens. and i touch everything with eagerness towards judging my actions on how hard i push others. i speak with such twisting tongues to where i can't even get one word out. all towards a paradise that your love could destroy.
Track Name: Pending
take a seat and wonder if it all feels familiar. somewhere deep inside my mind the thoughts they're intertwining. restless with a senseless fear of if im really living watching more exciting stories unfold all around me. i am tired of calling you my friend all of this time i've been looking up to you, only to see you looking down on all of us. clinging to every last word of your sentences. hoping to be the one. will you die for me? the sins of myself won't let up. i am at the center of hell.
Track Name: KWP
what's with this sense of urgency? didn't you get your fix with how fast time has flown by as if you had wings yourself? i resent my coming of age as an act of cruelty. romantics fizzle away as day by day comes to a close. so hand me a wheelchair already so i can live out my final days with a fake smile. our lives are one way fates decided from the first moment our mothers hold us. always to be cradled by some sort of ambiguity. i would kill for a black and white life, but instead i've come out black and blue. and obliterated any truths that fall on my doorstep. is this what i was put on this earth for?
Track Name: Seppuku
forget everything we were. a passion misplaced in a shoebox whims. a judas in streetclothers. a nomad to cultures. a spineless shapeshifter. blinded by the sins of another you are a saint. in my eyes you are just the same. to make a new connection shed your old ways under the spotlight. shed your old ways of a saint. i have come so far in an aging sense. time is always an enemy with no cue or pretense. so come away with me unto a bloodbuilt shed for all the souls i saved have me dead. all i did was show you what you don't have. so you can now take the knife out of my back.
Track Name: To Become Corroded, Guided by the Light
i love the days where the sky casts a shadow so dismal, it could be considered a projection of my own existence. you don't deserve the luxury of depression if you're the one who dates throw yourself into that void. it's been ages since i've molded an appreciation for every event that brings me tranquility. what do you do when it becomes second nature? the rains washes the filth up onto the shore. i turn a blind eye until i have been blinded. but in the event of regaining my sight, i've learned there's only one truth between me and you. i am a stepping stone as you are the rubble beneath my feet.
Track Name: Harrowing Sounds from the Ravine
to forget our past is to forget ourselves. i found you in a crater full of times past lived. times before we burned down the sheltered homes and bridges that kept us young. towards a new plateau is where we're going. but i don't even want to see what's over that ledge it's been burned to a crisp by the mirror image of the devil i see every morning. even after fake attempts to finding myself, i still know that i'm miles closer than you will ever be i'm relishing our next meeting. for i have perfected apathy in the face of nostalgia.