Full Bloom

by Pocket



released June 9, 2015

Recorded / mixed by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter in West Chester, PA

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

Cover Photo by Suzanna Zak: suzannazak.com



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Return to Sender
lyrics by Jared Moss

a brand new bus seat and a washed up athlete are all i see. i drove right by you. i drove on right by, the other day. we nodded heads. we could work it out: if I go to “this place” and say “this thing,” it will be fine. some blend of words can make this whole; we just have to think all morning. you just said how are you, but you meant something different. i know you ended up somewhere different. i did, too.
Track Name: Big Mouth
lyrics by Evan Demianczyk

go take a walk in my shoes. go see what i have been put through, because i can’t find the empathy, just ugly pity. i’m too difficult to understand. this world’s not meant to be for all the people, all the people who simply look like me. can’t see what i’m put through. the problem is you. so, i medicate: self-deprecate. it’s time to face the hate. good heart, brown skin. born into sin. you won’t let me in. blame me for the monster in your head, for all the faults in the world - wish me dead. big mouth, small mind, “colorblind.” i’m leaving you behind.
Track Name: I'll See You When I See You
lyrics by Jared Moss

short-lived friends: we end when something slightly slips. all the pieces change. i don’t trust the ground on which i stand. something feels so strange, all the pieces change. hands pressed in cement crumble and fade out - they wash away. a person just like me might exist someday. in three months time, new faces will be living here. i’ll pack up my things. what would they say if i remained? i’ll pack up my things and walk away.
Track Name: Arc It
lyrics by Evan Demianczyk

a twenty-something holding onto time, scared to lose what’s there. i try my best to feel the same, but I feel I’m falling short, that I’m to blame. we all used to share the same seat. we shared each other’s lives. now, every month or two, i count on seeing you. i want nothing new. i want to see this through.
Track Name: Trigger Warning
lyrics by Evan Demianczyk

twist my arm back. blood and hair in hand. scream my lungs out, but you don’t hear i’m there. feel my bones crack, I crush them into fine sand. words spill from my mouth, but you don’t care. blacklist me from your life, keep me on the ground. loathe the smile on your face, as you watch me frown. you bring the worst of me out, thinking less about myself than those who do not see me. filled with rage, so full of doubt. i give up
Track Name: Black Warmth
lyrics by Evan Demianczyk

all i can do is wish you well. avoid the sound of funeral bells. black warmth is on your mind again, I see it. keeping your dark shame from the world - secret, i know. embarrassment leaves a mark. cuts deep, but you hide your scars. sharp needles, razor blades. you’re longing for better days, but somberness takes a hold. tighten the noose, found your body cold. many felt the same, but it’s too late to let you know what we should have shown. it’s true, we’ve all felt the same. what makes us all feel so different? no reason to be ashamed. we have to do something different. open your mouth. you’re not to blame. we’re all the same: working to find our place, forced to fall from grace. don’t feel down from what they’re saying.
Track Name: Falter and Follow
lyrics by Jared Moss

dreaming of somewhere far away, fleeting. sounds crash, but they’re underwater. my concentration breaks and i jump up, awake. i’m back where i left myself. you looked at my hand, followed your plan. where should we go? i thought you had a destination for us to reach. we could reach it. we’re expected to avoid mistakes. i look forward, take aim, and falter. i could walk away from you, but I choose to always be wrong. i’ll always be wrong. we’re the same, you and me. keep thinking mindlessly.
Track Name: Gibson
lyrics by Evan Demianczyk

crash your car. you leave behind the ones who love you most. seventeen years young, now a ghost. too young to feel I’m out of time, or understand we’re all just dying and how easy it is to go. i remember when I felt so free. there was no fear then - impossible - i was invincible until you died. there was no stopping, not even if you tried. you’re not coming back. your body’s lying flat. mud makes your casket fold. we’re just getting old. tomorrow morning won’t be the same.
Track Name: Full Bloom
lyrics by Evan Demianczyk

kicking at the earth beneath my feet, i face defeat. thinking about the ones i know. slouched, head in hands, tears fall in strands - they form a pool, and i reflect. the saying’s false, i find, that “nothing goes as planned” because there’s a bitter truth in time: someday, we all end. i keep this thought in mind. it is nested in my head. our paths are marked. we’ll see the other side. i’ll be cold and dressed in black. there’ll be nothing to keep me as warm as your love. abandoned and stunned, this feeling I can’t shake. you gave me life, now yours is gone. all light has left your eyes and i cry. i tell myself part of you is still in sight, but I know the truth: you trailed off to somewhere else, at a distance I can’t reach. the smell of you will linger and there’ll be nothing left to hold. you trailed off to somewhere else, where I hope we’ll meet again. faded pictures, our innocent smiles - how happy we were to be around. running from fate like we’re everlasting. hiding from truths I don’t want to know. someday, we’ll fade away like a faded picture – ephemeral.