by Trashlord



released August 7, 2014

written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dylan Hanwright
guitar, bass, drums, and vocals by Trashlord

Artwork by Maddie Tse



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Hair of the Dog
chelsea ain't afraid at all of dancing in a dark place
zachary, he works hard, still don't phase him at all
and the car turns off, speaks garbage words to me
my mother gave me a five and then told me to leave
some bastard's law to make this road so skinny
i want to save you the drive
do you still think of me?
chelsea ain't afraid at all of moving her stuff. uhaul.
what was it called when you wake up and start drinking again?
Track Name: Rot Closet
talk to me like a normal one
sink or swim, you'd rather sit in your boat
time machine
you take your social cues from the sink
they lead you on
secret things, you're telling everyone
but you won't tell me
my invitation's off
your expectations reek of impossibility
they lead you on
have a drink
you've probably worked so hard feeling bad all week
i watch you sell your soul
if the fog sinks in
you wouldn't change a single thing
at least you won't
Track Name: Swamp
pseudo bed lifetime, gone
copy/paste and call it art
you've been down so long
follow me to the swamp
where you'll drown in scum
such a beautiful form
floating right­side up
get your wings clipped off
fabricated love
do you feel better off
going back to the swamp
where you'll bathe in the bones
of your last time home
it's a whole new low
when you work so hard
for nothing at all
i am alone, you are alone
where do you go when you're not at home?
Track Name: Lord of Trash
take off all your clothes and start reading when you get home
softly, sleepy bones
always love the things you own
sacred garbage pass
stay a while, just relax
i am lord of trash
take me out when you get back