Sky of No Stars

by John Galm



released October 21, 2014

Recorded July 5th, 2014 by Ben Roth in Lancaster, PA

Mastered by Mike Fisher at Maniac Studios in August of 2014

Art by David Brandon Geeting



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Great Grand
My great grandfather left himself in an elevator shaft

passed out drunk after his shift at the bottom

red brick building out of town that you drive passed everyday

left a son to take his place, left a family in chains

I share his name

stumble up the stairs again, it’s another foggy day

whiskey thicker than the shades that I pull at daybreak

I share his name
Track Name: Thirty Five Hundred Days
Call it a cross

Been counting the days since you’ve been lost

If there’s a God, damn, he’d better run

Your body in black

I shook all the hands as they came past

Thanking me for all the things you’ve done

And you’ve been gone for thirty five hundred days

And I’ll keep on, though I won’t see you anyway

The last time I saw you, your eyes with sewn shut with the blood stripped from your veins

And you were so far away

Some have said

That there is a peace found in our dead

But there was a sadness in your face

You loved your God

and now I hate mine just ‘cause

Watching you fall was my fall from grace

And you’ve been gone for thirty five hundred days

And I’ll keep on, though I know it’s not the same

The last time I saw you, my mother held tight to her children's hands and prayed

And you were so far away

And you’ve been gone for thirty five hundred days

And I’ll keep on, though I know it’s not the same

The last time I saw you, your hands were set tight to your chest so sound and safe

And you were so far away
Track Name: Accident
Dusky roads

You fell asleep on the drive home

And you didn’t see the turn

And off the road

Your car it flips and it explodes

They found you badly burned

It was a terrible accident and now you’re buried in the ground

But the love that you gave knows no bounds
Track Name: Act Like Ghosts
Find me a length of rope and a bridge

Yeah, I’m an honest man

I do right for my kids

But sometimes, you’ve gotta go

We’re gonna do this right

Take it slow

I know you’re scared you’re gonna die, but I’m going with you

We’re gonna paint our bodies white and act like ghosts

And when we’re floating in the sky

We’re gonna scare the shit out of everyone
Track Name: Death #1
I am the smoke the brings the cancer to your lungs

And I am the polyps in your throat

And I am the shrapnel that kills every child of war

And I am the makers of the drugs you can’t afford

I am found in every part of life

I am the sound that breaks the muscles in your ears

And I am the screen that burns your eyes

And I am the metal that took Hunter Thompson down

And I am the pebbles that sent Kurt Cobain’s head all over his greenhouse

And I am found in every part of life

And that is fine

I will be there when you die

Because death is just another part of life
Track Name: The River
When I found you by the river, you were crying

So I carried your weak body to the wash

And I held you down until I felt you dying

Then I buried you along the growing moss

I found a stone to place upon the mountain

Of mud and silt and skin that I just made

Then I took off both my shoes and dug my feet in

And my footsteps followed me home from your grave

An engine screams above me and I cry

Its whistle drug a dagger through the night

When the police find what remains of your body

They’ll follow the short path to my front door

When the police find what remains of your body

I’ll meet you where the world can’t hurt no more
Track Name: Where?
How many ghosts will run through my head tonight?

And how many stars will burn out before my eyes?

And where are you if there’s no paradise?

And where are you if I feel your weight tonight?

And where is God now?

Where is God now?

And who am I to question what he wants?

And who am I to question anyone?

And how many drinks ‘til I will get well?

How many drinks until I’m killed?

Where is God now?

Where is God now?
Track Name: Seeing Ghosts
I’ve been seeing ghosts

And I’ve been drinking everything in sight to soothe my mind

It’s only getting worse

I’ve been keeping names

Of every ghost to try and ease some pain

There’ve been one hundred and seven

Doreen was the last

And Morris was the first

Emma was fifteen

And Sandra was the worst

Oh my God

I’ve been seeing ghosts

Last Saturday I swear I saw the most

A record number eleven

And I can’t go on

These ghosts have come each day since you’ve been gone

You must be waiting in heaven

Evan next to last

And Sara next to first

Arthur was nineteen

And came on like a curse

Joseph thirty five

And Thomas eighty first

Laura’s here right now



Run away