Tethered Rendering

by Molly Drag



released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Bad Go
I just felt dark schemes fill my head.
Track Name: Thirty Stitched Up Swell
Your hometown, in your high school parking lot
We watched the sun go down,
you were scared if I thought you were cool or not.
It started raining, so we ran to feel the shelter.
Inside of your house.

Behind the shadows,
Just off the road by Cambell’s Hill.
It was where I cracked my head open.
Had a thirty stitched up swell.
We lock our windows,
To avoid the cold dead air.
Inside of your house.

This time let it resonate through you.
I am the patron saint of sin.
Track Name: Tanner Buildings
In reverie, we made our mistakes.
Got thrown into the ground.
Your highness raised the stakes.
On station air.
We’ve grown into the name.
How faded could you be?
I made it a memory.

The room was bare.
Faces still remain.
Diminished by their age.
Depiction in lonely frames.
The family speaks.
Depleted by poverty.
Cremated the fantasy.
Translucent, but you could see.
Track Name: Levi Simon Trail
Well that’s fine, I will find time.
To keep the memory of floating in the water.
In the middle of summer.
I’ll stay.
I’ll try to push away.
To see the demon living deep beneath the river,
When the lake’s frozen over.

Funeral fever,
You would always donate blood.
With your band of brothers, staying up late – fucked up.
And I.
Candy flavour, we were letting things unfold.
Random strangers, sleeping downstairs at night.
When you were all alone.

You drew symbols on all of the walls.
I felt the feeling of the rhythms in your rapture.
The lake is frozen over.
Track Name: Rabbits
I thought he could make it happen.
Got high on Young street just chasing rabbits.
Melancholy is not a feeling.
Something evil is breaking surface.
Say we are the power.
The threads in the fray.
Inside the holy I wished you loved me.
I wish you killed me.
I wish you left me.
I’m sorry he left.
It will surpass his death.
Inside the story – just what you’re missing.
Track Name: Worms
I feel inertia swell and I stand completely.
Caves of love seep rim down to the wire.
Casting shadows dark onto beige pavement.
You suck the bright away – too warm to touch.

Don’t be scared my little faceless creature.
Don’t be afraid you live deep underground.
I get caught up in your silly games you taker.
Drown in morning my body found at night.

Feeding on our tiny hairless babies.
I let my heels get eaten by the worms.
The under lapse is taking time to find me.
I wonder when my chest caves in again.

I find myself lost in your horror chamber.
Kneading into my skin so I see.
Crept in to my stomach – just like a savior.
I’ll close my eyes and let it into me.
Track Name: Choker
All the best for you,
We are natural just for fun.
Tedious mistakes made us see the truth.
We are one.
Mind games take their toll.
So we sold our souls to the light.
All the talk was bare, so the stand and stare.

I want you to feel all the precious times I would die for you.
I am a flawed machine, but I’d run with you through the caterwaul.

You see the good in me,
But please don’t forget to love yourself.
I know life is shit and the world is sick, but you are not.
Track Name: It Manifested
Remember way back in high school?
When we were the best of friends.
Your dad got sick, and the letters we send.
I’ll always be there for you, man.

It manifested in our twenties,
Confusion and anger you see,
Lucifer screams.
Jealousy feeds.
Our livers are yellow and weak.

Whispering over the deep web.
Is a useless fantasy.
Copied and pasted when I am wasted.
This shit just has no currency.

Dusk is not my morning.
Dark angels feed on me now.
I made a deal with them.
So they eat my hands.
I live on the hatred of man.
Track Name: Found A Gun In Montréal
Word around town is that you know where you fit.
Another drug store kid with a first aid kit.
She spun a web and she wrapped up her dead.
Just like a soft slow song with a full stomach.
Witness the rise and fall of all the wicked lands.
The streets of Montréal unveil our blood-red hands.
Sentiment is fleeting without a quoted cost.
I felt the sudden intuition of an evil crooked cross.

I am not a friend you made.
Or a body that fell between.
But I assisted the melody.
Became part of the underneath.
Track Name: Bedsheets
Just call.
I wouldn’t wait forever, darling.
I want to see you in pain.
Shelter from the rain, darling.

Just cry.
You want to see me smile, darling.
Strip you down to sheets.
Shelter from the rain, darling.