by Deer Leap



released June 10, 2016

Chet Morrison - Bass Guitar
Dustin Sciacca - Drums
Keith Galvin - Guitar and Vocals
Matt Hunter - Guitar

Recorded in Spring/Summer 2015 at Format Audio in Amesbury, MA
Drums recorded at 1130FT Studio in Rollinsford, NH
Engineered and produced by Ryan Stack
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
All photos by Caleb Kaiser
Art layout by Daniel Powers
Additional vocals provided by Missy Graziani and Ryan Stack
Auxiliary percussion by Nathan Hunter



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Scaffolding
There is a sweetness to clarity in this
Tear down the walls. Build up the trees.
Nothing will last but the leaves
There is an anthem that we sing, brings back the simple things
I can’t keep up year to year, changing quickly, and we crash into everything.
Track Name: Owl
You sold it all for nothing
You sold it and you know it’s all for nothing
Track Name: Phoebe Weatherfield
I never thought I would feel this old and tire, this lost and overwhelmed.
It’s like the stories that do not hold up now and movies when you were young.
Now follow this road and where it goes.
I lost my head so many years ago.
Rumors are growing tired and you don’t know where to run
When life is full of liars biting at their tongues
These years have left you clawing at your skin trying to get out of it
The layers they’re built up a wall of memories leaving you stuck.
Track Name: Marionettes, Inc.
Well who the hell are you to say that nothing changes because I haven’t seen stay the same.
Our towns get crushed and buried under ground and then they build new cities around
And all we are is broken down
I never thought I’d be planted like a tree and stand with my arms open wide
Branches grasping at air all around it until I can be cut down and burned
Won’t that be a beautiful thing to see? My body is part of the earth
And all these words will mean much more
And all we are will mean much more
Track Name: Looking Glass Station
Simple patterns of that we know
Simple pictures right where you are
Simple times, let go
Overwhelmed again
Tired eyes begin to settle on what they know
And what I know… I don’t want to let go
Simple plot structure
Simple pictures right where you were
Mountains apart
Track Name: Right Where You Were
I hope that you hear this in a car or a basement
A late night, a long drive, with old friends in mind
and I will remember every song that we ever loved and keep them in safety with the memories
I want to stay. Don’t want to change
We cannot stay. Everything’s changed
Return to a hometown and all of the trees are torn down
Nothing’s familiar so let go
Back roads, Jimmy, Saves The Day on the stereo
these are the days that you can hold on to
All that you ever loved is changing quickly
I hope that your hear this in a few years, new places
And you remember right where you were
Track Name: Go Big. Go Home.
Just once I’d like to be more than a memory

I know you fell asleep and

I know we’re never leaving

Sit on a roof in the summer all alone and wonder where we’ll be twenty years from now

Maybe a town or a state. New Hampshire is dying so why should I stay?

Walk through the streets of a city it’s kind of quiet and pretty empty hear despite all of the lights

It’s getting harder to stay, New England is freezing so let’s get away

And I’ve found

The world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die. I know that fate will take me.
Track Name: You Know Nothing
The sun is out and I can see the moon and I can see the moon like I’m grown up without a clue if

I’ll ever be happy with the responsibilities I don’t need.

If you really think that being human being is such a special thing you might be underwhelmed to

learn that life is really simpler.

The car is in park but I still feel it move like there’s no stopping and no rules. Will I ever pause

and assess the new realities we can’t see?

Now I don’t know what to do. But I do know

The air you breathe will fade

The world you love will change
Track Name: The Last of Us
From the start, we collect dust
The best of us are looking hard in between every line you read you’ll find the meaning and the
peace that you and it comes undone
And it all falls apart. I know that’s not what they told.
The world comes undone. I know that’s not what they told you.
Break your calm to feel it go. Store your heart to let it… In between every line you read you’ll
find the meaning and the peace that you need and it falls apart.
It all plays a part. I know that’s not what they told you.
The world just goes on. I know that’s not what they told you.
But if you hold on maybe it can be salvaged and you’ll save it.