False Color Images

by The Only Ghost in Town



released May 1, 2014

The Only GHost in Town is:
Dan Saraceni
Devin Petitte
Carolyn Haynes

Additional musicians:
Erica Szymanski - violin
Rob Wilcox - vocals

Recorded and mixed by Dave Downham at The Gradwell House in the summer of 2013.

Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Mastering.

Photos by Jeremie Rose Wimbrow.

Layout by Brian Mietz.



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Solar Flares
Ohh No
Here it comes again
The same song and dance
You move round my head
And Iʼm waiting her?
And Iʼm pacing the floor
Gonna see nothing
Track Name: Half Speed
Iʼve had just about enough
Of your lies and that stuff
Could you be any worse if you tried
I bet you couldnʼt, youʼre really something

Iʼm content with holding your hand
Iʼm running on half speed
Youʼre the faceplate of my dream
Youʼre the queen of everything but me

Take this in your hand
and squeeze until itʼs sand
Thatʼs what you get when you fake it
With your shallow feelings
Track Name: I Feel It
Your lifeʼs a waste
Is something I say to myself at night
All the times I sat and thought about my life away from you
Fate just wasnʼt meant for me

I feel it, I feel it even more
Chances come around, come around no more
I feel it, I feel it even now
Howʼd you do that trick, I donʼt even know how

Somehow I became glass. I saw myself inside
How do I get in you?
Iʼve spent my days mining for all the gold in you
And now I canʼt find my sense

Could you show me how to love someone else but me?
Track Name: The Other Side of Her
Sheʼs got another life
One that she keeps from me
Please donʼt be so shy, why donʼt you come on by?
So then Iʼll take you away

On and On and On
The Other Side of Her

Timeʼs come between you and me
Is it really better with him?
Iʼll keep trying, and youʼll keep smiling
How did it get this way?
Track Name: Everything's Gone Wrong
Youʼve gone to far
For way too long
Should have known that it would end this way
Youʼre gone gone gone

Wonder how something so small
Became so big
Everythingʼs Gone Wrong

Now itʼs come to this
Canʼt change a thing
We went out of style last year
Time kills me
Track Name: Knowing
How do I tell you youʼre beautiful?
Itʼs so hard without you knowing
It keeps growing and growing
Letʼs just end the space forever
Track Name: Another Summer
Letʼs take another ride or two
Guess Iʼll waste another summer without you
Iʼm gonna plant some seeds inside of your heart
Hope they rise and bloom right from the start

You like the way he holds you tight
Itʼs so right
I like the way you hate me, right?
Itʼs so nice

I wanna see if all you colors are true
That theyʼre gold and green, vermillion and blue
But theyʼre all false, youʼre a fake
This is all more than I can take
Track Name: The Great Dark Spot
Track Name: The Milky Way
My eyes were closed when you

Came round

Remember when we saw the caged horses?

Oh and how they made you cry

If you want a scapegoat

Iʼm the one to blame

Feelings come and

Feelings fade away

When I came that night

I couldnʼt have been more scared

I couldnʼt stay

Fly away

If you want a scapegoat

Iʼm the one to blame

Feelings come and

Feelings fade away

If you stay by me, I will do the same

Iʼll come over, Iʼll be here to stay