The Dork Ages

by Oliver Houston



released April 7, 2016

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Oliver Houston.
French horn on "The Dork Ages," performed by Leira Joy.
Mixed & mastered by Se Collier.
Artwork by Jocelyn Montoya.



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Brother
Lard of lards and thing of things, I will praise you I will sing: “you’re only here to save yourself, and listen in on everybody else.” I don’t wanna be irreverent or anything, I just think its weird–eternally queer. And who could ever know which way the winds blow when we’re wiggling our toes beneath the sheets? Something, it’s gotta be something in the air ‘cause I can’t see you but I still know you’re near. Lover, best friend, intimate companion, brother, uncle, dad I never had. Who’s my father? That’d be father Trev.
Track Name: Ivy Leakage
Some other name, some other theory; nobody cares, nobody but me. Studying stills: whatever, we waste time sifting the shit of arrogant white guys. Thanks, but no thanks! I’d rather go to the beach, or keep on with brushing my teeth, relentless rinse and retreat (ever fresh, never clean). That academic lie is leaving me behind for better sleep at night, crippling debt end jobs–for the “good life.”
Track Name: Holy Toast
Toast’s up, and right on time. Kitchens dirty, friends fold, laptops die. But you can kiss me when we’re in the dark. Fragile fucking–yeah, things fall apart. Soft-hearted ale: whoever wanted it? Mad captress is totally over it. Our everything was “never meant,” and in no time, no one, nothing’s gonna give. We make believe, but heaven’s spent. I’m my own keeper; I’m my only friend.
Track Name: The Dork Ages
I just wanted to say “hey,” and then be on my way. But now, I kinda wanna stay here at the neighborhood motel we’re doing okay. But “hey,” maybe before I leave, I’ll snag an apple from the family tree. Some seeds, a little snack, organic memory of everything you’ve done for me. ‘Cause we’re not the random products of autonomous energy; you got your pals, you got your history. And the Dork Ages still rage inside of me. I think they will until eternity.