Core Reduction

by Jet Set Sail



released June 17, 2016

Recorded by Jet Set Sail
Additional Recording by Travis Arterburn



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Better Friends
nora said get out of bed and start your day
but I’m too lazy too go out and too fucking bored to stay
getting up and out this room is getting harder to do
especially if going out means being stuck and bored with you
and now I know
when I’m alone
I’ve got no one to blame
the fault’s my own
I know in the end, I should have been a better friend
I can’t believe the best part of me
is dying alone in a room that I never leave
getting away seems harder each day
when I know that I could leave or stay
Track Name: I Don't Need You To Watch My Dog
I don’t need you to watch my dog
he’s not a burden
and some time away from the city
really wouldn’t hurt him
In a 97 hatchback
80 miles there and back
I think I’m making progress
Track Name: Core Reduction
I can’t control
the feeling that I’ve felt this way before
I’ve got to know
how I came to be so mad so pissed to broke
all of the time I spend denying things that I should claim as my own
it overloads
I’ve been so low
to everyone who’s tried to let me know
I’ve lost control
and I don’t think that I will find it anymore
Track Name: Kitchen Spanish
when you hop a plane from new york to oaxaca
with all the shit packed in the luggage we bought you
and I buy a mountain of cat food for sid
I hope you remember a couple of things
so you’re scared
me to
that’s why I hablo espanol with you
and I know that it’s broken
and it sounds like a stretch
but really all I need to do is connect
we’re better off without the rest.
Track Name: Katie
Katie, are you afraid of getting older?
I know you’re excited to meet your sister’s kid.
Don’t worry about what to do
while you’re at home,
while you’re waiting,
while you’re stuck in town.
We’re all held hostage
by decades of supply-side economics,
or so I’ve heard.
The debt incurred rules my life, rules the world.
Maybe it’ll be better when we’re older.
Relearn the bad habits the world will soon forgive.
The things that break us down,
the consequence of incompetence.
We’re all held hostage
by decades of supply-side economics,
or so I’ve heard.
The debt incurred rules my life, rules the world.
Track Name: Administration 2010
I’ve been thinking a lot these days
it’s been four long years since you’ve cried your tears
and now I’m old enough to say
I was wrong, and this song
has been overdue for far to long
if you’re listening, I could tell you what has changed
but so much has stayed the same, I’m just trying to stay sane
I know just what my place should be
I am five foot ten with an empty head
I may be dumb but I can clearly see
that although this may sting
it’s as temporary as the wind
and like death and taxes
I know I can count on change
but so much has stayed the same, i’m just trying to stay sane
we just need a little change, to get us through our days
on your plane ride back from Scotland
try to remember what you’ve forgotten
add that new job to the list
10 months later, you’ve been gone but never missed