released February 10, 2015

Collin - vocals, guitar
Tyler - guitar
Christian - Bass
Nathan - Drums

Recorded by Mac Pogue, Collin Kritz, and Sean Fahey

Mixed and Mastered by Sean Fahey

Isaac - vocals, guitar
Fred - bass, vocals, acoustic
Linkin - drums, bells, vocals

Additional vocals by Maren Studer and Charlotte Wallis

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Thomson at Ivy League Recording

Mastered by Sean Fahey

Cover design by Fred with help from Isaac
Based on a photo by Sean Fahey


all rights reserved



Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Snow Roller - Ball Don't Lie
You're from a foreign land, a humble place with three cars a fire place
A want for the finer things of life
You talk but you but you don't stare, acknowledgement of faults but you understand
That I''ll try the best that I can do

I took too long to write you back
I worried myself again
I hope things are going alright for you
Remember the good times, but I don't remember when

You're drunk, but not enough to see this through, truth is I don't know what to do
A broken car or a failing job
News flash and you're not there, faith comes and goes, but really I don't even care
You're not yet numb enough for that

You're from a foreign land, a humble place with three cars a fire place
A want for the finer things of life
You talk but you but you don't scare, acknowledgement of faults but you understand
That I'll try the best that I can do
Track Name: Snow Roller - American Gladiators
As I finish this letter of intent for you, please come to realize there's nothing I can do
My hands are tied right behind my back, I'd cut myself loose if I could only find some slack
Propensity to tell lies even to a wall, American Gladiators we are, somebody has to fall

Before I turn back to find, what I need to know, what will become of yours and mine?
To see dark waters down below, covering jagged rocks, you can never know.

It's up the road, when you the light take your first left, I think that's where we first met, but don't hold me to that
The point I need to get across to you right now is I will never be allowed to live this feeling down

A bird in your hand is worth too much to me, that much I think that I am able to see
The tides bring out all of your trash, your impressions never seem to last
Track Name: Sioux Falls - Stinks To Be You
my dog is now his dog
there's no one at the bus stop
so it probably just left
we're headed to woodstock
there's a party in a castle
that i don't want to go to
my friends will think i'm so rude
but i'd rather stay home

and eat junk food
and think of you
i stubbed my toe it stings like 17
it stinks to be you
in '89 I'd sign to K
in '92 you'd think i'm cool
but i'd be like ooh ooh

i watch my favorite movie
it never makes me cry
but i wish that it would
we're so picky and choosey
i sweat in the nighttime
lobsters boil around you
thrash around your old room

but i'm still scared to tell you all about who
you think you're talking to
because I think the things I think of
aren't the things I think I'd do
but if your tolerance for craziness
likes takeout food we could be like ooh ooh

so dump your scrub
can't get no love (sick TLC reference)
heard he was cheating on you
he said he really likes white rice
but he hates japanese food
but lady if ya got to know me
you might think i was kinda cool
it could be like ooh ooh
Track Name: Sioux Falls - Icehouse
you're confused
but you know you can't change just what you want
and I wouldn't want you to
i can feel your mood
stop and start like an ER heart
with no time to think it through

but you do what i won't do
huff the paint and gas fumes
but man i think you're crude
or maybe i'm just prude
but you know i want it too
i'm lonelier than you
and i do what we all do
alone in empty rooms

my feet ached
my head ached less
but all this stress
it makes me suffocate
i lie awake
well i'm a mess and i get obsessed
with all the strangest things

but i feel like we're so close
you taste the ring of daylight?
wrestle back your hopes
they fester in the nighttime
well i don't get your jokes
and i can't read what you wrote
you reap before you sow
you'll die before you're grown

fuckin' crazy guitar solo

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