by Clique



released August 4, 2015

recorded/mixed @ The Headroom by Travis Arterburn
mastered @ Sleepless Sound by Pat Loundas
additional vocals by Shannen Moser

CLIQUE is PJ, Brandon, Tom, and Travis



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Get By
for the all the actions you make consciously
and all the missteps that will follow you
and all the friends you thought were yours
you know they'll cut your throat in time
it's one way to get by
so take your liberties
and every chance you get to smoke some weed
it's all too short to regret anything
so put your hands over your face
and take a step into the street
it's one way to get by
Track Name: Lil T
does it hurt to know
that I'll never be able to let go
of the feelings we had once upon a time?
does it hurt to hear
that I've loved you for two years
and a couple months no easier with time?
I've been thinking a lot
all the fights we had
and what they were about
I can't even remember
do you feel the shame
when you live up to your own nickname?
Little Temptress won't you tempt me one last time?
Track Name: Fade
taking time, time away
take a break from everything
I'll catch you once or twice a week
maybe just one night to sleep
it's all I need
Track Name: Pining
you know I think about you all the time
because at night I never dream
and its still hard for me to realize
when I get home from work
you won't be nestled in my sheets
that's just a fact of life
so I guess I'll keep sleepin' in my shoes
wake up on Sage in her new living room
consistency is lacking all around me
hide on the roof under the mull tree
Track Name: Crush
hold it down
keep it real
show me how
it really feels
Track Name: Medicine
I'm worried about
the bills and the food
the pills you take to change your mood
have changed you
and I'm sorry
I haven't been all there in the head
but your consciousness that once sang to me
fell silent
we used to only speak
with our eyes
across the room
now I can't see
Track Name: Sucker
keep it real
stay in school
till you cant
its hard to concentrate sometimes
work is hard
when you're so high
the drugs won't keep you going
for as long as you would like
you're just a sucker
you say in the mirror to yourself
give up, you're done trying now
you motherfucker
you say to the person parallel
clean up or die trying
'cause there's an early grave
with your name