No One Will Ever Leave You

by I Kill Giants



released January 2, 2014

I Kill Giants is:
Dylan Hanwright: Guitar/Vocals
Chris Lee: Guitar/Vocals
Sander Bryce: Drums
Nick Koechel: Bass

Recorded & Mixed by Ryan Stack at Format Audio
Mastered by Jon Markson

Album photo by Cooper Leardi
Artwork by Dylan Hanwright


all rights reserved



Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Just Because It's a Joke Doesn't Mean It's Not Racist
I'm feeling uncomfortable
While making people feel uncomfortable
That I get mad when they don't take my face seriously.
I know I'm not the brownest one
But sometimes I feel I'm the only one
Who likes to talk about this white-washed breed.

You think I'm exaggerating.
But when a cop stops your dad from dropping you off
On a quiet suburban street, do you think I'm wrong?
Don't laugh when I exert some pride.
Not talking about it doesn't solve anything.
Not talking about it doesn't solve anything.

It's not that you're insensitive.
I couldn't care less if your sensitive.
It's the fact that you and I still consider myself white.
When I see someone in the crowd
With the same face as mine,
You have no idea what that feels like.

You say, "It's just a joke."
Well, I'll say, "They're just feelings."
You'll laugh it off again
While I'll still wish that my skin was peeling.
Track Name: Classic Riptide
Keep fucking up on a bus on your way back home
Buzzing phone at your hip that you ignore
You're gonna die alone.
I wanna break an arm or a leg before I get bored.
You've got to help me out, you've got to be right back when you're out in the cold.
Track Name: In Response
I know we said, "We'd sleep in all that."
So that we can stay up all night
Wake me up at the sunset
If you got memories,
Then no one will ever leave at the sunset
If you got memories,
Then no one will ever leave you
Track Name: Butcher Shoppe/////Machine Gun
Ride my bike to the place where I'll spend the night, then the other.
Backwards hat out of fashion, into the light of your brother's jacket.
Is the air clear? Are we clear here?
I'm sick of the drugs and the pointless coldness. It's overdramatic.

I'd walk you home, if you were up for it
But truth be told--you make me nervous
I'll hold the door if you'll let me.
But if chivalry's dead--I'll go home with my mistake, shake the whole thing off. Bring myself to wake up when the morning comes.

The butcher shoppe is only a street down.
Machine gun is chasing slugs away.

You're bored as hell, I see you trying on your makeup
But you hate yourself, that's why you're lonely when you wake up.

Ride my bike up the hill with the sun in my eyes. Getting tired.
Sweaty brown hat under a helmet, and into the light of a conversation.
It's a swift ride down the E line.
I'll miss you when I'm gone but I won't miss the fucking incline.

Can't get the fear of failure off my mind.
You'd tell me if my life was on the line.
Keep telling myself that I'm right this time,
But if it's all the same,
I'll fly home with my regrets,
Hope you don't wake up,
See the spot in my bed
Where I was last month.

Sorry I'm a flake.
Tend to fuck things up.
When you see me take off
You'll be glad I'm gone.

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