The Mariner

by Be Still, Cody



released November 19, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nate Patsfall (Artifact Audio) in Woodbridge, VA, Summer '14.

Album artwork by Byron Whitehead.

Be Still, Cody is:
Nathan - guitar, vocals
DJ - guitar, vocals
Monty - bass, vocals
Paul - drums

Electronic elements on "Marble Head" by Nate Patsfall.
Lyrics by Nathan.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Wrong Right
I took a wrong right turn and ended up where fleas don’t itch I never thought I would be nothing ever thought I could be something took a right left turn and ended up beneath the sea the softest crowing slowly burning crying out to be released I took a wrong right.

I took a left wrong.
I took a right left.
I took a wrong right.
Track Name: The White Devil
I see past the end of the road
a frozen field naked beneath the snow
I don’t know where I ever couldn’t go
I feel the air seep into my bones and so it goes.

It goes fast, screaming past to disappear beneath the snow.
Track Name: Shades of Green
If you wanna take on water that’s cool but you best expect to sink right to the bottom that bottle you know with the note inside is floating in the ocean and it will be for a real long time.

If all you do is take then you gotta see
you can’t live your life with no in-betweens
you don’t live on a boat in the middle of the sea
you live in a world with countless shades of green.
Track Name: My Never Here
My never, my never here. My never, my sleepless here.
My wide eyed, my searching here. My crashing, my breathless here.

You’re never, you’re never here. I’m trying but, I need you here.
Your friends called, they need your hand. You’re reaching but, your fingers won’t extend.

You can’t breathe out if you don’t breathe in.
You’re can’t be going if you never leave.
Track Name: Marble Head
Trash bags shiver and their shadows quiver too.
The wind’s here to pick up anything it passes through.

But not me.
Track Name: Dearly Dead
Wherever I am
I'm drinking what she had.
In a room of Talking Heads,
missing one but here instead

I got lost, lost in my head.
Fell down the stairs and landed in bed.
Forgot what they said but not what they meant.
Now I’m here with the dearly dead.

I was in I was out I was losing my head
I was in the back room I was pretty much dead.
I was looking across I was looking around
I was keeping myself out the hole in the ground.

When they ask for me you tell them to leave me be
and when they ask you why you tell them I nearly died.
Track Name: Fight of the Mariner
She came from the sea
straight through the green
out from the deep
where we don't see.
She took on them all
took them all dead
then she came for me
and I took her head.

They danced all night
and cheered by name
to celebrate the end
of the monster's reign.
But that very night
I went home and cried
to mourn the loss
of my monster's life.

"We are free of the monster from the sea."
Track Name: Eloquence of the Speaker
Standing right there, made up of thin air.
Don’t breathe, don’t blink. Don’t sneeze, don’t sit.
I’ll tell you what now, I’ll tell you how ‘bout.
The pieces don’t fit. That don’t mean I’ll quit.

Fall in then fall out. Take four and drop out.
How 'bout a cold one to bring up an old one?
The voices from downstairs float up and stay there.
Where I’m goin’, the wind ain’t blowin’.

But what's real if it's not right there?
And who's to say if you're wrong again?
And who's to say if you're one of them?
And who are they?