The World Reversed

by Brightside



released October 20, 2015

Mixed / engineered by Dave Cerminara at Machine Age

Produced by Dave Cerminara and Brightside



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: The World
We like to think we’re smart
We like to think that we advance
Compiled information isn’t taken to heart
It’s in the home, it’s the hand

But I’m not gonna sit around and wait

Is it just a moment in the life?
We accept what they give, and give in

Is it a reflection of the times?
Modern minds
Modern age
We are indifferent to change

We don’t intend to act
Unless we’re told to pretend
We don’t intend on challenging the world as it spins
But we’ll protect our right to stand

But I’m not gonna sit around and wait

The human is water, is fire, is peace, and pain.
It’s simple, but the closer that we look, we find it
harder to explain.
Gaps in generation after generation
Frame by frame
Track Name: The High Priestess
Stranded on a beach each night,
Kept awake, one contemplates;
“if the universe is not finite…
how much of it deserves my faith?”

How do you know
What’s out beyond?
How do you know what you,
Oh what you are?

Woken after a moment’s time,
Still married to this ugly face…
It’s not a dream, that earth will die,
And heaven isn’t a real place.
Track Name: Temperance
Raise your hand
If you think that most people are senseless
Some in fact, have unbearable personalities
Raise your hand
If you’ll admit there’s no plan
and accept that there’s something more to the story
Now, do it again
If you misunderstand

Reject it all
If the television should tell you the future
Assess it all
For there’s a wisdom to be gathered from life
Assess yourself
It’s for the good of your health
And self-awareness is becoming essential Now
do it again
If you still misunderstand me

Compare yourself to the mirror image you hold
It so tight, through the flesh and to the bone
It’s alright just admit that you’re slipping
What would you tell your reflection
Ten years ago?

So if you could see you now
Would you believe you’ve found
A life walked worth the veil?