Here. Home.

by Deer Leap



released June 9, 2016

Chet Morrison - bass guitar
Dustin Sciacca - drums
Keith Galvin - guitars, vocals

additional vocals by Missy Graziani
additional instrumentation by Ryan Stack
album artwork by Jordan Reidinger



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Here
little words mean nothing tonight. they fall to pieces in the light and crawl through spaces and bleed through the lines. rethink the meaning. is it what you mean to say? plagiarize all your lies. burn that note and write it again. trace lines on the back of your hand. move your eyes side to side. try as you might you can’t find the words to describe your lies.
Track Name: Walls Become The World All Around
well hold yours up and toast the night and think you know where loyalties lie. but in the morning we’ll bathe in light and think on things with sober minds. take time and love. take time and find love. (it’s coming undone). you’re covered up, covered in layers of fleece. its comforting to know what you think. you’re covered in blankets and sleep. its comforting to know where you’ll be. you’re barely awake in the passengers seat, speeding up 93 at 4 in the morning. your conscience starts slowing.
Track Name: Home
you said you wanted a house and you wanted to build it yourself. but house is not a home unless you’ve got someone to go there with. no one loves you if you don’t love yourself. no one needs you if you won’t be yourself. you’ve painted all the walls and think the colors never fade. but your measurements are wrong and the beams they are falling down. everyone’s abandoned this town and everyone is fleeing this coast. all we ever do is turn our past into a ghost.
Track Name: What Is Dead May Never Die
don’t burn your bridges down just to get away. don’t whine and don’t tell tales of awful days. uproot and move yourself if you think that’s what it takes. don’t kick yourself if you find that it’s all a waste. just put your mind at ease. everything that you see, it all will work out. all those things, all your worries, they all will work out.
Track Name: And Every One Of Us Better Than You
it’s been growing for years and finally taken hold. you drive for hours down back roads but don’t know how to simply call and vent about the things causing you this (pain). you drink for hours and it shows when you up and let it go. call and tell me that you’re scared and i’ll be right (there). it doesn’t matter what you’ve done its who you are and have become. all circumstance aside you never have to hide. it doesn’t matter what you’ve done its who you are and have become.