Another Step In Your Career Ladder

by Snow Roller



released January 19, 2016

Collin- Vox, Guitar
Tyler- Guitar, (some) Vox
Alex- Bass, Grooves
Nathan- Drums, (little) Vox

Mixed: Chad R. Matheny (Deutschland), Sean Fahey (Boston)
Mastered: Sean Fahey


all rights reserved



Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Slouch
Reasons that I can't explain why I don't see eye to eye with you
You have your new friends, strength and fortitude for that
Wish I could see so straight
I wear my glasses practically everyday
But no ones perfect all the time...

My feet took me out of bed in the morning
Another day I know will be boring

And in a perfect a world, there'd be enough time for everything
we could finally do the things we agreed we'd always do
but this days i find my solace sitting right down on the couch
And when i try to stand straight, all I can do is slouch

Wrote you a letter of regards on the matter
~**Another step In Your Career Ladder**~
Track Name: Wasted Time
When they come in time, they happen too fast
The livable weather never seems to last
Well I like to laugh real hard and feel alright
Knew what was wrong, I never needed to fight
Now it's tough to decide which side of the pillow to sleep on
Own the bullets, but I'm afraid of guns

Spent all day thinking of what to say
You never find the right way
Wasted time, you've got yours and I've got mine
We'll go our separate ways

Sleep light a cat with yourself always there
Under no threat, keep yourself aware
The time seems to pass, trials and tribulations far
self esteem boosters from a home liquor bar
Need some time to think all through
Believe me, I've been there too
Track Name: Mirror
Look in the mirror what do you see?
A 20 something who doesn't grasp reality
Starry eyes and blurry goals
Slim fitting jeans that match his arguments with holes

Just goes to work from 5 to 9
Then gets high alone, and never says goodnight
He's just trying to fill his holes
There are somethings that he will never really know
Oh well
Track Name: Limits
It goes without saying sometimes
The truth isn't always easy to find
My spirit would undergo
A rebirth if caught by the undertow
Much needed sense of relief
My problems, believe I'd like to bequeath
If it's all the same to you, I'll probably pass

Or Just think about a little more
All I have is time
I checked for new messages today
Grounding for life came back right away

You either will or you won't
Don't feed my lies like you billy goat
Eats the trash, it's never bothered him
When did you ask me to come again?
The situations pile up like bricks
Til they start to fall and never get fixed
More sentiments then you'd like know
Which way is the wind gonna blow?

Please pain't a picture I know isn't me
You have your limits, I agree
Too far back, to see anything worth much
A shit giving Midas Touch

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