Liminal Space

from by Loner Chic



They replaced the record store today
with a cheap designer imitator
Pay $150 for a shitty sweater vest
and I see one on everybody I detest
I see one on everyone I hate

Sate desire ’til it’s over
Hell is frozen like your yoghurt

And we are fucking tired of its bright fluorescent color scheme
Plexiglas and plastic cutlery
I still feel the stagnant air from the harbor on my brow
It’s always fucking cold in this predictable town

But I threw a little get-together
in my college dorm last night
Listening to Jawbreaker and turning off the lights
I was a beautiful dreamer once I got a little in me
Face to face as in a mirror, dimly

So I swear I won’t spend one more night
worried about how I’m gonna die alone
I’d rather shoot the shit and talk about Yale kids
that I’ve made out with, with Jon Stone

‘cause it’s not enough to spend my idle days on the threshold
We’ve got to build a bridge that one day we might cross it
We’ve got to build a bridge that one day we might cross it


from Year Of The Goth, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


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