Childhood Bedroom

from by Loner Chic



(As J. Koster sleeps)

When that asshole tore the lining of my leather jacket
you punched him in the face
and when my ex-girlfriend came home for the weekend
you put her up in your place

We sing softly to The Lemonheads in my room
teenagers in a constant state of static crisis
“It’s a shame” and “I’ve never been too good with names”
but I still shine like the morning sun when you say mine

So, will you stay a little while longer?
I’ll tell mom and dad it’s a sleepover

In ten years I’ll be twenty five (watch the Autumn leaves fall)
In ten years you’ll be twenty nine (’til there’s no leaves left at all)
I was visiting museums on my winter break
while you were working nights for $8.99

So smoke a cigarette out of the window of my childhood bedroom tonight!
Nobody’s home except my former identity’s ghost
and he will keep quiet if you ask him real nice

But please, don’t call me “baby”
‘cause that’s my signature line
And I cannot afford to recall all the countless conquests
and all my regretful diaries and all the lies

We broke up in theory not in practice
But in theory, you were never mine
And now he laughs reading the warning labels on the bottles
crowding up the corners of his newly darkened mind

You were spinning “Silver Lining” when I called you on the phone
And I was standing on a bridge in Fairfield County
with a one-way ticket to the city and no will to go


from Year Of The Goth, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


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