All Natural

from by Loner Chic



(Blackout in E14)

Well no matter which way you look at it, half our backup supply is gone
Now the kids are out raiding their parents’ cabinets searching for any unturned stone
There are spirits in the searching for the courage to go it alone
I’d be a liar if I said this was not beautiful

And no matter which way you cut it, the pie is poison but we are sewer rats
And we ingest however much we can take with our circulatory systems intact
So take two shots for the future, and take another three for the past
Relax your mind and open your eyes and think of something clever to say real fast

There’s a small potential greatness concentrated in this basement—
A small potential for something transcendent
something that won’t make us all want to end it
A small potential greatness concentrated in this place
and we don’t have to burn it down to know:

It’s all natural

I started smoking cigarettes
Always felt like I was second best
so I only had a minor case of arrogance

I threw away my high school degree
as soon as they gave it to me
well, I’m sure that someone kept a record of it on the internet

I try to keep an open mind at all times
figure out which habits I should quit
There’s a small potential greatness in the routines to which I stick
and I don’t have to love my life to know:

It’s all natural

But let me tell you that when you talk to me
your voice reaches the corners of this fractured scene
so your high school party does not sound so appealing to me
It does… not sound appealing


from Year Of The Goth, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


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