There is No Comfort

by Paper Skeletons

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released February 4, 2015

Parker Ackerman - Drums, Vocals
Ian Cauldwell - Bass, Vocals
Adam DaSilva - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Sean Duffy
Mastered by Ian Pritchard
Design & layout by Brandon Gallagher



all rights reserved


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Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Unfamiliar Ceilings
dead weight
cut me out
i'm losing you at break-neck paces
in your heart
i found a grave
i am lost. i am nowhere to be found.
i'm not blind
i'm just waiting
i fucked up
another friend will find your heart to fix again
you'll never scream my name
a forgettable fuck
but i'll find comfort in the cold beds of old flames
i'm nothing special
nothing i say will take it away
i'm lost like you
Track Name: Low
i'm searching
because everything i love is not at home
it's in my head, while i sleep
i'm drowning
alone and divided
i'm burying pieces of myself in everyone i love
so break my neck, i want to get out
i made best friends with self doubt
piece of mind is just a pin prick away
i looked inward at myself
i found nothing i'm fond of
piece of mind is just a ropes length away
Track Name: Colorless
a dismantled head
i keep on spitting in fountains
waiting for a wish
i left my friends alone like they left me
an empty home breeds an empty bed
an empty heart waits for some new breathe
i'm still waiting
in my head i hear people and places i cannot see
a purpose
i'm learning
that a lifetime alone is better than casting a shadow
with you
Track Name: Brothers / Bastards
your efforts are wasted
down the drain and in the basement
i watched you fucking sink
felt the distance in between
you abandoned our creation in favor of a product
arrogance has a price
the cost of a t shirt
you treated us like dogs
no respect and no empathy
you look me in the eyes but it's a different person i see
not a brother, but a bastard
Track Name: Hymn
i lied on your floor because i couldn't think straight
we talked for hours about all the things we hate
sometimes i wish i didn't have to be like this
but i had to keep you smiling back
i wanted you to make the choices
that would make you happy
i just wish that they could be the ones that made me happy too
i could see in your eyes that you'd been thinking of a way but there was nothing i could do
we are close then pulled apart
like the ebbing and the flowing of the ocean that's drowning me and you
i could die in this room tonight
but i don't want to die alone
i could die in this room tonight
while we wait for our lovers to come home
we could lie in wait
litter the floor with our bones
i could die in this room tonight
but i don't want to die alone
Track Name: Samson
give me strength in times of need
gone before i have sown the seeds
carry me high above the reeds
safe and sound from the snakes and thieves
when my hair begins to grow, you'll know
i am alive because of you
Track Name: Deconstruction
tangled in sheets
i buried myself in your chest
tried to find God in your skin
my insides want out
split open my head
and hide all my thoughts in your brain
silence begets silence
and silence begets hate
my heart beats in intervals unknown to me