The Stars Do Not Recognize You

by Animal Logic



released May 24, 2016

Recorded in Lewistown, Pennsylvania by Drew Wilburne.



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Too American
There is no answer to questions not asked
I am shaking and counting breaths
Stay unaware and completely scared
I will stay and wait
Track Name: Concrete
Stuck in my head
My brain overflows
Spilling in to real life
I am the nothing
Before the gun is fired
Before the bridge collapses
Before the window smashes
I am in a bad place
Sunken down
Like concrete
But I'm not as brave as concrete
A tiny chip in a front tooth
I want the water to flow over me
I want the world to burn me
I want the air to stop me
From breathing
Stop me from breathing
Like concrete
Like concrete
Track Name: Buffalo, NY
Why do I waste my time with these dark nights?
Why do you waste your time always holding up my spine?
I remember the brake lights
Shining through my eyelids
I remember the brake lights
Shining through my eyelids
Why do I waste my time with these dark nights?
Why do you waste your time always holding up my spine?
Your voice
Talking through the window
But now
This is a memory
The river is deeper
The water is warmer
The water here is unsafe
Track Name: Face of Another
Tell me everything
Tell me everything
But you know
I won't remember
No recollection of
A couple days ago
Everything is broken
And moving too damn slow
Mediocre mumblings
On a Tuesday night
Half-witted ideas
And you've found
That little thread
That leads to
My head
So I'll shut up
Tell me a story with your eyes
Tongue tied
Wasted in my mind
Track Name: Sublimation
It's been light
For a couple hours
And I've been ready in my head
But my feet are as good as dead
I walk slowly
And I trip over every curb
And it's time to give up
I am standing and I turn to steam
I reach to the tops of trees
How do you
How do you feel
When you wake up
Is it the same thing everyday
Do you feel as i do
Like a bird on a wire
Do you feel as I do
You know that I paid my dues
My dues become you
You know its easy to become a broken record
I am uninspired as the rain
So i just stand here
And I turn to steam
Reaching to the tops of trees
Track Name: Unlucky Mammals
Time builds itself
Painlessly around them
She welcomes him
Without surprise
She misses everyone she knows
She will not be
Without memories
Your hair becomes longer
And I become a stranger
To everyone I know
I wash my hair for you
I will sleep anywhere for you
My patience grows an inch or two
The stars don't recognize you
There's a spot on that hill that is always yours
Track Name: Nervous Hands
I count myself to sleep
Who can break you?
Out of body
I don't feel myself
Is this me?
Black and white
Does not feel right
I and me are not the same
Nerves of my father
Hands of my mother