s​/​t | perfect moments

by Tiny Fractures

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released October 13, 2015

Adam DaSilva - Guitar, Vocals
John Collins - Drums
Dave Rose - Bass, Vocals
John Snyder - Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Violin, Vocals

Also features Matt Hull on trumpet

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Mike Moschetto at The Office Recording (North Andover, MA)

adam dasilva
john collins
tyler kingsland

engineered, mixed, and mastered by clinton lisboa at soundbox recording in new bedford, massachusetts



all rights reserved


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Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Inward
Gaze directed outward as the stone was thrown within
It traveled swiftly, tracing paths not unfamiliar, not quite forgotten

But left here moments, days, a lifetime behind, not frequented,
Now I see, as often as they should have been
As the cracks are filling in

A cobble, a pebble
On its own without much strength
Or gravity, especially
When viewed from the outside
But we forget the inner walls
Are gilded in a brittle glass
Broken in the past
Never meant to last
A bitter husk of ash
Left standing, standing
Four walls
The spores were sown
And trampled under foot

But what of their resilience,
Of what they left behind?
We still wander through the shadows
Creeping from the cracks
We still whisper through the echoes
Listen to the echoes
Track Name: Except in Memory
All the questions I’ve ever asked lead to this:
I keep turning over new ways to torture myself
finding holes in every way of life.
where there is stability I find the flaw

An angry son
A crudely drawn sketch of his father,
“A man of unmatched stature and benevolence"
Yet the only inheritance left to his son
Is a temper, equally unmatched
A cracked window
A child screams and squirms
History repeats itself again and again and again
I still apologize
I still apologize

(A weak link
We are unfortunately intertwined
Crawling and climbing, like ivy tangled)

Who hung that crucifix from your door?
A family tree not pruned will blossom
Roots follow bloodlines, they choke you out
They leave you breathless
Track Name: Repetition
dismantle me
dismantle me slowly
i've been picking at my skin
i am closest when you're silent
i am closest when you're gone
drag me out
please drag me out
another turned back
i crane my neck and shout
"i never needed anything"
i keep hanging on every word you say
i can't find myself
i'm still waiting for someone to tear me apart
but not tonight
Track Name: Blossom
there was levity in every word that crawls from underneath your skin
i keep impeding progress with every word that crawls from underneath my skin
i'm still measuring distance between you and i in smiles and waves
the disconnect still grows and grows and grows
i found a light
i put it out
because you can't hate what you can't see
tore you apart
i'm wide awake but under sheets
sleep evades me like the plague
i keep hiding pieces of myself in places you can't find
i'll only see you in my sleep
your dead skins been weighing on my chest since i left
i can't breathe
i'll only see you when i'm dead
i held so tightly to every promise that you made
i watched them crumble into pieces in my hands
Track Name: Variable
i carved a cross into the floor so i show you where i lost myself and gained a friend who didn't care
have i lost faith?
have i lost faith in all the things that i held close?
i am running
but i'm so tired
because i've found fractures in the bones of loved ones from bearing the weight of my mistakes
i'm broken
i'm sorry
i'm falling
i'm falling
i'm falling
i'm falling
both my mother and my father still find time to make conversation in my head
i'm dropping out
"i raised you better than this"
"we wanted better for you"
but i am weak
the sun is rising
the sky is clear
but i am lying down with every poor decision that i have ever made
did i disappoint you?
did it leave a mark?
i am broken, i am barren, i am torn
i found a hate in my head
but it's a friend
i'm seeing red
in my head, my mother takes me in her arms
and tells me all about my fathers great accomplishments
she is proud while she speaks words of admiration
in my head, my mothers proud of me
she is still proud of me
Track Name: Constant
i drew a cross in chalk in the cold cement
so i could show you where i found myself
and i broke a couple years ago
and i found a vice to fill the hole
please bury me within your chest
between the spaces in your ribs
home feels far away
when the only thing that keeps me calm is the
sound of shattered bones and punctured lungs
i let you carve a cross
within my chest
so you could tell us apart
and every single word i never meant
well i meant them with you
i am leaving but not tonight
i am yours for now
sleep evades me
but i'm dying to see you tonight
somewhere beneath blanket and bone
between hands, under sheets
i am broken, i am gone
i am nothing
i am broken
i am worn
i found god in the sunlight streaming through your window
and i found heaven in the space between each line on a map

i drew a cross in chalk in the cold cement
so i could show you where i lost a friend