Do You Think I'm Spooky?

by Osier Bed



released August 1, 2012

recorded 3/17/12 (I think) by Will at Dead Air



all rights reserved


Broken World Media Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Independent record label releasing and distributing music, visual art, and literature

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Track Name: Proven Emetic
At this point I can't help but diagnose this trouble in standing and staring, watched you climb down the front porch and take winter with you. Asking questions of who's who.

Like two bloody dogs standing in bacitracin now keeling over rubbed raw. I only have this much time left. Standing in the silence of my own time here.

It's not the first time you cut yr own line.
Track Name: My Damp Christ
You won't find me here in the sediment. You won't find me here with the hark the herald. You won't find me here in the sediment. Or in the reticulation with the angel Gabriel. He bleeds from the eyes and bathes in black. Just like me, just like me.
Track Name: Dooming
On the threshold between the seasons. Cutting my own thighs and draining what's left through the floor. Not proud of the depth, but I've drowned in the memory. If it clots in time I'll come up for air. Hope yr there.

So don't help me if you hear me. If my pulse beats don't come near me.
Track Name: Sure Stardust
I can't tell you what you'll feel here. Now yr carving out the cold part / that leaves the rinds out. In the longest hours I break clean and oxidize green here. Through the matter in my throat I cried blind. For the last time I changed my mind / your sword grew so dull in my side / every mound of flesh and earth must die.