Adaje / Shark Bait split

by Adaje / Shark Bait

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released April 2, 2011



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Track Name: Adaje - Caveman
5 words for you
Track Name: Adaje - Caveman Not Cometh
I have singled you out
and grouped you in with the others who can't give up
the insatiable habit of spitting on the life they've been given.

Fortify your walls because I have torn mine down and headed straight to the heart of your heart.
There's an innocence that grows delicate as the years pass by.
Have we become so broken that it takes the sight of another's misery just to feel a shred of invigoration.

Undo fate brought upon by the fumes of lust and vanity.
Enter the realm of another man's soul and ask him if his lungs are functional and use them to scream yourself into another world unlike your own.
Track Name: Shark Bait - High Horse
Stuck in a hole that you call your friends, you guys are so far gone.

Your trends won’t catch me now.

I left that station a long time ago.

So call me what you want, but I’ll never fit in with this.

Your trends wont catch me now.

I am so far gone.

Don’t want to be a member of your club, another kid who thinks you’re tough, a part of the crew.

So fold your arms and make a joke, Your ego will begin to choke you out.
Track Name: Shark Bait - Something Old, Something New
Ive lost all hope in you, ive lost all hope in us.

Get back at me when youre sane and sober.

Id love to talk about what we could have been, and what we'll never be.

What we'll never be.

But im really not that strong.

Im really not that strong.

Oh God im not that strong.

Things are getting better.

And im stronger now.

These days are getting shorter.

And im moving on.

Regardless of the promises that we've wasted with my time, you never left my mind, no, you never left my mind.

So this is me, moving on.

And this is me, letting go.

And to say the least, you meant the world to me.

Things are getting better.

And im stronger now.

These days are getting shorter.

And im moving on.

And frankly, you have no time for this crappy life of mine.

This place is not your home.

And you cant sympathize over this crappy life of mine.